Multinational Hospitality Client

When it comes to large events and hospitality it takes a coordinated effort and a lot of different stakeholder and people power to get the job done and make the event a success. ECS have provide support to my organisation to bolster our team and provide on-demand skilled labour forces from all service functions.

When utilising ECS to strengthen our operations, it was apparent that each of their team members are professionally skilled in all areas of hospitality, and, most especially, come from the higher end of the service industry. Each professional appeared to be chosen and personally selected for their dedication to excellence, commitment to unwavering high standards, and a desire to be the best in the hospitality and events sector.

They married the perfect candidate based on their skillset to the area of operations and requirements of our clients. It has always been a case with ECS that the most suitable person for a role has been provided to us allowing us to focus on the delivery of the event.

Depending on our needs at the time, we have looked for staff who know food service protocols, proper table service and safety and cleaning practices. But skills and experience were just one part of our need, the overall quality of a customer’s experience is always at the forefront of our minds and ECS support us in delivering high class hospitality and catering events through their ability to listen along with excellent communication skills and enthusiasm for meeting customer expectations.

Working with ECS through a partnership approach and their experience has allowed us to deliver some of the most prestigious events in 2022 and exceed the high standards set in 2019.