South Dublin Catering Unit

Just wanted to take a few minutes to pass on my compliments on the professional, consistent, and hassle-free experience using ECS Recruitment has been.

As I am certain you are aware when a team member goes down it is usually without warning and at a critical time and the last thing a unit manager needs is a complicated system or procedure of organising cover on top of redirecting extra duties.

I know my primary contact is Cain and occasionally Laura, but I want to extend this acknowledgment to accounts (which respond and resolve issues quickly) and all the other unsung team members that pull together to make organising cover for us here a smooth and easy process, a team that pulls together and is unafraid to assist and step out of their comfort zone to fulfill customer needs are the key to success and I am quite sure that all you guys over there go above and beyond without recognition daily.

I just want you people over there to realise that at least from the people over here at this unit that it’s recognised and appreciated.