Introducing Jacob Cullington: ECS Recruitment’s Newest Intern

Introducing Jacob Cullington: ECS Recruitment’s Newest Intern


ECS Recruitment is thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Jacob Cullington, a third-year student from the Institute of Art, Design, and Technology (IADT), who is joining us for a 17-week internship in Arts Management. Jacob’s unique blend of interests in the arts and business sectors positions him perfectly to contribute to and grow with our dynamic team.

Meet Jacob:
Hi! I’m Jacob Cullington, I am currently studying arts management at IADT and for the next 17 weeks, I am interning here at ECS Recruitment! Here is some info about me, my course, and my hopes for this internship.

Who I am:
I am in my 3rd year of my Arts Management degree. I’m interested in art, computers, video games, and running. I’m still not quite sure what I want to do after college, however, I want to explore events management and marketing.

What is Arts Management:
Arts Management is quite a unique course, it combines a traditional business education including PR, marketing, administration, and finance with cultural industries like performing arts and visual arts. It creates a great balance between business and art that I couldn’t find in many other courses, which is why I picked it in the first place. The aspect of Arts Management that I’m most interested in is event management.
My course and the industry that I will be going into are quite hands-on, you have to work well with people, you have to be able to work well in a high-pressure environment and most importantly you have to be prepared for anything. As a part of my degree, we get to get experience all of that.

What I hope to gain from this internship:
I am really hoping that I get a very wide view of the business and the world in which ECS Recruitment operates. Seeing how they work with their clients and the people who work for them is also something that I would like to engage in. Being on the ground helping with managing staff at events is something that I feel I would excel in and I would hope to be able to get the chance to do that. I also want to get some more design and marketing experience in my time here.

Looking forward to:
I’m really looking forward to the chance to network at ECS, from the short time I have been here so far I have seen the incredible list of people who work with ECS so I’m looking forward to getting to speak with them and hopefully network a little bit too. I am also really looking forward to being able to work at some of the incredible events that are on this year.


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