Stay positive! Losing staff isn’t all bad

Stay positive! Losing staff isn’t all bad


Every recruiter will be familiar with the pain of investing in someone, both on the job and on a personal level, only to then get blindsided when they jump ship to work for a competitor. Yes, it stings, and I’ll be the first to admit when it happened to me, I took it personally (though it’s far more likely I was just exhausted after coming back to work post-wedding, post-Disneyland, and post-Covid)!

However, looking back now, I see many positives from losing those valuable staff members at the time and it’s something every recruiter should try to remember when the negativity creeps in:

Recognition of Talent: There are a myriad of reasons why people might want to move on to pastures new and when you have good staff, flight risk is always a concern. Poaching from competitors is a very real concern but remember, if competitors are circling your workforce, it’s a testament to the hard work, dedication, and expertise of the team you have grown if other companies see them as valuable assets worth pursuing.

The grass isn’t always greener, but sometimes it is: Have you ever lost staff only for that person to go full circle and return? It’s happened quite a few times in ECS. We’ve had people leave us before only to return some months or years later. It’s a huge compliment as it shows we’ve cultivated a positive and supportive company culture where employees feel valued, engaged, and motivated to excel. It’s a reflection of the strong bonds and sense of belonging we foster within our team that people want to return.

Sometimes the grass isn’t greener for employees that move on, and that is perfectly okay.

On the flip side, whilst the loss of a valued employee can be pretty painful, it also brings with it a great opportunity for growth and renewal in all areas. It opens the door for fresh new and possibly more talented recruits but importantly it ensures investment in employee development stays at the fore, and that retention efforts are strengthened to ensure that the wider team remains happy, fulfilled, and appreciated.

We’re Irish… compliments are hard to take: When a competitor comes looking for your staff, it’s bloody annoying, but let’s be honest, it’s also a massive compliment. It demonstrates that you’re a formidable competitor in the marketplace. An excellent reputation makes any company a prime target for talent acquisition by rivals. That’s just how it is across any industry, so take a deep breath and swallow that compliment!

In conclusion, while it can be unsettling to lose good employees, especially at the hands of a competitor, it’s essential to recognise it for what it truly is: a short-term pain but potentially a massive opportunity and above all a compliment. It speaks volumes about the quality of your team, the success of your company, and the strength of your brand.

So rather than being deflated by such happenings, we should see them as validation of our excellence and a catalyst for continued growth and success. After all, in the world of recruitment, being in demand is the ultimate measure of achievement.

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Laura Collins
General Manager
ECS Recruitment

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